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The maintenance of a safe work area in the technology lab is essential. The following is a list of requirements for lab safety in the technology education lab.
1.      Any student who fails to follow safety rules for the lab work area will not be allowed to work until they have corrected the problem to the satisfaction of the instructor.

2.      No students are allowed to use equipment in the shop without first receiving instruction and permission from Mr. Filiatrault.

3.      Students will wear safety glasses at all times when work is being done in the tech lab.

4.      Students will wear proper clothing and footwear in the shop(lab). No open toe footwear is allowed and no loose clothing can be worn near the power equipment.

5.      Students should report any broken tools or equipment to Mr. Filiatrault immediately.

6.      All equipment should be inspected for hazards before operation; safety guards must be in place.

7.      Any student who receives any injury in the shop/lab should report it to the instructor immediately.

8.      There is absolutely NO HORSEPLAY allowed in the shop/lab. Any students acting in a distracting, disruptive manner will not be allowed to work in the shop/lab.

****** A student must complete an additional special study unit on shop safety if they do not meet the above listed requirements.
I have read the above safety guidelines and understand them.
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