Policies and Procedures

     Introduction to Technology       
Course Policies & Procedures
Mr. Filiatrault

We live in a changing world. Technology affects our daily routines and the way we live. We can see that technology is evolving and changing rapidly.
Understanding how to develop, use and control technology will be important to your future.  In this class, you will practice problem-solving skills and work to develop solutions to problems. You will reinforce your scientific, mathematical, and communication skills through class activities using the technological problem solving method.
Requirements for Class:
You are required to keep all of your Technology notes and papers in either a 3-ring binder or a heavy duty folder. You must have this note book with you at the beginning of class every day.
  • You will need to have a pencil and a pen with you for class.
  • A standard scientific calculator will be used in this course.
There are strict safety rules that must be followed when working in the Tech Lab:
  • Safety Glasses must be worn at all times when in the lab work area.
    • *See the complete list of safety rules attached.
Grading Policy:
Your grade will be based on your performance according to district policy:
90 %- Summative Works
  • -Projects (products including all required drawings, research and design briefs)
  • Summative tests or evaluations.
10%- Formative Works
 Homework will be primarily used as a practice for the tests and quizzes.