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Introduction to Technology
Course Information for Parents
The AAK Middle School Introduction to Technology course emphasizes hands-on activities and the development of mental process skills such as: creative thinking, decision-making, critical thinking, and problem solving. The course is aligned with the NY State Standards for learning at the intermediate level.
Opportunities are provided within the structure of the curriculum for students to learn from their mistakes; to solve problems through analysis, modeling, trial and error elimination, and other techniques; and to propose creative, innovative, nontraditional solutions to technical problems.
Participation and effort are a very important part of the course. There is an important component of written work in the course. Students must be able to describe how they arrived at their solution to a problem. Also, there is a final exam at the end of the year which focuses on key concepts and the lab practice parts of the course.
Listed below are the major units covered during the year long course. There are also approximately fifteen hands-on projects related to these units.
Major Topics and Units of Instruction
o   Lab (Shop) Use & Safety
o   Getting to Know Technology
o   Resources Used in Technology
o   Problem Solving & Technological Systems
o   Technological Literacy
o   Introduction to Technical Drawing Skills Structures
o   Structures
o   Processing and Properties of Materials
o   Environmental, Agricultural and Bio-Technology
o   Manufacturing  Systems
o   Power & Transportation Systems
o   Independent Research Project
o   Impacts of Technology on Society, Individuals, and the Environment
Other opportunities include:
Tech Club- special projects -after school activity
Further Updates and Information is also available at the AAK website.
Contact: Mr. Filiatrault